Multiple Magazine Pouch Only For 1911


Thanks to the smart design they reduce the space used on the belt. You are now able to carry 5 magazines with only the space on your belt for one magazine. Thanks to the special rotating Speed-clip it is possible to rotate the pouches for a better extraction.

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  • Suitable for IPSC shooting (Classic)
  • For single stack magazines
  • Possibility to carry up to 5 magazines (see other items for 1,4 & 5 magazines)
  • With internal retention spring
  • Version with magnet
  • Rotating Speed-clip
  • Suitable for each type of belt.


  • Special rotating Speed-clip made it possible to rotate the pouches for a better extraction.
  • High tensile strength materials designed for professional and competitive use.


You will receive a Brand new design Single Stack 3 Mag Pouches.


The internal spring holds the magazine firmly in place.

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