Eduardo De Cobos

Eduardo de Cobos, born in 1974, is a spanish sport shooter and firerarms instructor. With over 15 Spanish Handgun titles and notable international achievements, including a bronze medal at the 2017 IPSC Handgun World Shoot, he is renowned for his skill and dedication in the shooting community.

Giacomo Bolzoni

Giacomo Bolzoni is a successful Italian IPSC shooter. As a member of the Tanfoglio Team, he has demonstrated exceptional excellence in his field. His career has been decorated with numerous successes, including 7 Italian championship titles over the years. His ability has also been recognised internationally, with a gold medal at the European Championship.

Robert Cernigoj

Robert Cernigoj has achieved remarkable success in competitive shooting, winning the IPSC European championship in 2019 and securing victory 9 times in the Slovenian championship. He established his own Online Shooting Academy, dedicated to enhancing shooting skills both for beginners and advanced shooters.

Juan Guerrero

Juan Guerrero is a sport shooter from Arriate, Spain. Juan’s journey in the sport has been marked by consistent success, having won titles as the Champion of Andalusia and Provincial Champion in recent years. He also achieved a third place at the Spanish Championship IPSC. Competing primarily in the Production category, Juan showcases not only exceptional marksmanship but also a keen understanding of strategy and technique. His ability to navigate the challenges of the course with speed and precision sets him apart as a formidable contender.

Maria Guschchina

Maria Gushchina

Maria is a russian sport shooter who has achieved international acclaim. She is a three-time IPSC Handgun World Shoot winner in the Lady Production division and she competed in the Overall category against male competitors, earning a sixth place. On top of that she has proven her skills in practical rifle competitions, claiming a silver medal in the 2015 IPSC European Rifle Championship in the Open Lady Category and a bronze in the 2017 IPSC Rifle World Shoot.

Robin Šebo

Robin Sebo, born in 1988 in Ostrava, Czech Republic, is a prominent figure in the world of sport shooting, especially within the IPSC community. Introduced to firearms at a young age, he quickly developed a passion for precision and skill. With a preference for CZ firearms, Robin’s talent has led him to numerous victories in prestigious events like the European Handgun Championship and the IPSC Handgun World Shoot, making him widely recognized for his prowess on the shooting range.

Ljubisa Momcilovic

Ljubisa Momcilovic

Born in 1972, Ljubisa is known for his skills in IPSC shooting, particularly in the Production Division. His journey began in 2001 when he came across an IPSC competition when he was a police officer.  His talent caught the attention of the CZ Shooting Team and after an impressive 8th place at the 2007 European Handgun Championship, they invited him in the team. Today Ljubisa continues to excel in the world of IPSC shooting, inspiring others with his achievements.

Alessio Gladio

sandra degeniski

Sandra Deginiski

Sandra Degininski is a sports shooter who stands out in the IPSC practical shooting discipline. She started practicing the sport in 2019, encouraged by her husband, who is also a shooter. Since then, she has participated in several national and international competitions, winning several titles and medals. Sandra is a dedicated athlete who constantly trains to improve her shooting skills and techniques. She is also an enthusiast of safety and education in the use of firearms, always seeking to promote the sport and encourage other women to get involved in the activity.

Rasmus Gyllenberg

Rasmus Gyllenberg is a famous competitive shooter for the Guthenburg Police Officers’ Sport Association, actively in sport since 2006. He has won the Nordic Championship five times and he also gained success in rifle shooting, winning a silver medal at the 2015 nordic championship. In addition to his competitive achievements, he serves on the board of the Swedish dynamic shooting sports federation and coaches the national team for European and world championships, teaching police officers and military personnel all of shooting techinques.

Marius Kazanskis

Marius Kazanskis is a skilled shooter from Lithuania who achieved the title of IPSC PCC in 2019 among others. His dedication and proficiency led him to secure multiple first place victories, including at the level III Lithuanian Open, solidifying his position as the top competitor in the PCC category.

trevor barber

Trevon Barber

TreVon Barber is a competitive shooter and coach based out of Rock Hill, SC and owner of Barber Training Solutions, a performance shooting school.
TreVon is a Master class competitor who has competed at the local, state and national levels and has used that experience to help coach numerous shooters on their competitive journeys. TreVon of Barber Training Solutions travels the country yearly to teach performance based shooting skills and competes in multiple locals and majors each year.

Marlo Ralph Migrino

Marlo Ralph Migrino is a US Army Veteran, Ambassador for Primary Arms.Marlo was born in the Philippines and recently moved to Texas. He started competitive shooting in 2021 and have shot all over the United States. His passion drove him to winning Carry Optic Nationals many State level matches. He shoots in PCC,Carry Optics and Open Gun division.Ralph also is a dedicated fitness enthusiast and a father to 2 beautiful kids.

sam callahan

Sam Callahan

Sam Callahan is a 3 Division GM in USPSA, Professional 3gun Competitor, and Full-Time Firearms Coach based out of the Pocono Mountains. Sam Shoots a Glock in Carry Optics and Limited Optics and shoots PCC from Modern Materiel. He is the Owner of Callahan Training Group, his Firearms Training company and the Manager of Double Eagle Outdoors training facility. Sam teaches firearms full time and uses elements of Competition to relay the neccesary marksmanship skills to anyone from civilians, competitors, even SWAT and Contractors. Sam also is a USPSA Match Director, hosting WEEKLY matches and bringing new shooters into the sport through specific training classes. He hopes to grow the culture of Shooting in the Pocono Mountains and aims to raise the standards of acceptable training in his area!

Marcelo Fartura

Marcelo Fartura

Marcelo is a very competitive, results oriented athlete – A black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and former motorcycle road racer (club level – expert racer at Central Motorcycle Racing Association – CMRA), Marcelo continues to nurture a very strong competitive spirit in everything he does in life.
Started shooting competitively in 2018 and reached Master level in the USPSA Limited Division – Marcelo is classified and competes in 5 different divisions at USPSA (Limited, L-10, Single Stack, Production and Open) and 2 others in IDPA (Expert level in SSP).