Manuals & Instructions – Support Page

SPORT HOLSTERS – Hydra, Hydra S, One Evo, One S, Ultimate Evo, Hydra P, Hydra P+

SHELL HOLSTERS – Thunder, Thunder 3G, Thunder Elite, Thunder 3G Elite, Civilian, Civilian 3G, Civilian 3G Elite

CIVILIAN, HYBRID AND SF LINE – Civilian, Hybrid, Hybrid SF, Thunder SF, Thunder 3G SF,

SPORT MAG. POUCHES – Hybrid Mag. Pouch, Magnetic Pouch, Sport Rifle, Shotshell Holder


TACTICAL HOLSTERS – Ghost 3 and 5.2

TACTICAL MODULES – Tactical Leg Modules, Medium Ride Module, Paddle Module, High Ride Module, Car-Desk Module, Vest Module

GHOST CIVILIAN INSIDE – Civilian Inside, Civilian Inside S

DEFENCE AND CIVILIAN MAG. POUCHES – Single Pouch with Belt Loop, Double Pouch with Belt Loop, Mag. Pouches for Rifle